Our Menu

Our hot drinks are made to a standard as you would expect in any coffee shop with trained barista’s. We stock an extensive tea and coffee range and many cold drinks suitable for children. Our menu aims to reflect the seasons and the events running when you visit. Expect crazy freakshakes for our youth café on a Friday evening, summer smoothies for warmer days and mega hot chocolates for our children’s clubs. It’s a great excuse to visit us for a range of our events to check out all we have to offer

Our food is homemade on site wherever possible and includes indulgent treats, light bites, brunches and simple lunches. Our menu varies depending on the season, but you will always find something that is sweet, savoury and homemade.

Again, for special events we will vary our food choices. Think pancake or waffle stacks for lazy Saturday mornings, huge layer cakes for celebrations and cake jars for our music events. It’s all part of our cunning plan to keep you coming back for more!